A  machine for large panels such as bulkheads and multiple parts.  It has a larger working area and includes all the features of the HVA 3.

Large bulkheads

Automated control of heat and vacuum

Automated control of machine movements

High-quality silicone membrane


Bed Size 3680 x 2410 mm 145 x 95 inches
Working Area 3280 x 2010 mm 129 x 79 inches
Bed Height 925 mm 36 1/2 inches
Machine Footprint 6485 x 4921 mm 255 x 194 inches
Max. Machine Height 3201 mm 126 inches
Machine Weight 5000 Kg 11023 lb
Max. Tool Weight 800 Kg 1764 lb
Max. Temperature 125 ºC 257 ºF
Max. Vacuum 0.948 bar 28 inHg
Pulled-Out Bed No
Powered-Out Bed Yes
Twin Bed Optional
Heat Control Programmable
Fan Cooling Programmable
Vacuum Control Programmable
Adjustable Height Bulbs Yes
2 Channel Data Logger No
Chart Recorder 6 Channels
Data Recording Yes
Programs Stored 30 internally
Ethernet Yes
Thermocouples Type T - Class 1
Pyrometers Optional
Power Supply 380/440/480V AC 3 Phase + Neutral + Earth 100A
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