Custom Specialised Machinery

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing bespoke equipment to suit specific customer requirements.

Vacuum Presses are used for a wide range of sandwich panels using room-temperature-curing adhesives.

A number of vacuum modules are bolted together to form a press to suit different size requirements. We’ve built and exported large vacuum presses over 18 metres in length.

Multiple stacks of panels can be pressed, and the vacuum press is ideal for laminating curved or shaped panels from a variety of materials.

Vacuum presses can be configured for unloading by suction lifter or by rolling the cured panel out of the press with a built-in castor system.

Pressures of up to 9.5 tonnes per square metre can be achieved with our highly efficient and reliable vacuum pumps.

Automatic cycle timers and vacuum control give the perfect operating performance and mean the presses can be left on at the end of a shift.

Handling Equipment and Conveyors

We also offer an automated press loading and panel transfer system, which allows sandwich panels to be automatically loaded into three double deck vacuum presses.

In addition, we supply conveyor systems to transport panel parts and completed sandwich panels around production cells, plus automated panel pick and place, to load sandwich panels onto pallets in a programmed sequence.

Custom Machinery

We have produced bespoke automated bonding lines for a wide range of sandwich panels.  Our machines have been used to mass produce laminated panels for some of the UK’s and Europe’s leading caravan manufacturers.

Our heated vacuum presses are used to laminate wood for luxury motor yachts and apply leather to the interiors of one of the world’s most popular small car.

JCB Aero
Stork Fokker
Turkish Airlines
Aeropair Ltd
Copa Airlines
Regent Aerospace Corporation
TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd

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