Our range of Heat and Vacuum Applicators (HVAs) are designed to apply decorative engineered laminates to aircraft interior panels using heated vacuum press technology for:

  • Side walls
  • Dado panels and trim
  • Ceilings
  • Bulkheads
  • Seating shells
  • Emergency exit doors

A Vacuum Press for Aircraft Laminates and More

Our Heat and Vacuum applicators are a type of heated vacuum press mainly used by aircraft manufacturers, airlines, third-party maintenance shops and subcontractors. They can also be used to apply leather to car interiors, or to laminate furnishings such as car roofs and dashboards using the heated vacuum method. That means they can be used to produce interior elements for a wide range of vehicles – not just aircraft, but cars, trucks, trains, boats and buses.

We often sell Heat and Vacuum applicators to the automotive industry, and one interesting use is for applying graffiti resistant films to train interiors. Read on to discover more about how the machines work with aerospace laminates and more.

How Do Heat and Vacuum Applicators Work?

A shortwave infrared radiation heating system is used to soften the laminate prior to forming. Then a vacuum membrane system forms the heated laminate to the surface of the panel. This represents the heated vacuum press method.

Our HVA machines provide accurate control and avoid glossing or texture washout of the engineered laminate being applied. The vacuum press machine will form and bond the laminate into deep recesses without popping or bubbling.

Our heat and vacuum presses are supplied with a Universal Tool that puts you straight into production without having to purchase lots of heavy rigid tooling to set up the vacuum press.

Our Heat and Vacuum Applicator Machines

The new Heat & Vacuum Applicator 3 machine press covers all side walls and can be used for seating shells and suites for First Class and Business Class. Panels such as 777-300 ceiling panels and overhead bin doors can also be handled by the vacuum press.

The Heat & Vacuum Applicator 4 machine has a larger bed. It can handle all the work the HVA-3 can, as well as larger heated panels and multiple loading. The Heat & Vacuum Applicator 4 has additional automation of the moving parts too.

These heat and vacuum applicator machines are the result of 50 years of experience in cabin interior work. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Quick and minimum-fuss installation
  • Designed and built for a very long life
  • Honed and refined
  • High quality, robust and reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Supplied worldwide
  • Highly responsive infrared heating
  • Class-leading temperature control
  • Excellent vacuum press power, with an integral vacuum pump
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