Modular Vacuum Presses are used for a wide range of sandwich panels using room temperature curing adhesives for bonding. A number of vacuum modules are bolted together to form a press to suit different size requirements. We’ve built and exported large machines over 18 metres in length.

Modular Large Vacuum Presses for Industrial Use

Multiple stacks of panels can be pressed and the modular press is ideal for laminating curved or shaped panels from a variety of materials. Our machines can be configured for unloading by suction lifter or by rolling the cured panel out of the press with a built-in castor system.

Pressures of up to 9.5 tonnes per square metre can be achieved with our highly efficient and reliable vacuum pumps. Automatic cycle timers and vacuum control give the perfect operating performance and mean the presses can be left on at the end of a shift.

Modular Presses for Larger Panels

For larger panels above 3 metres in length, or where panel size or shape varies widely, then modular large vacuum presses are the most cost effective. These can make a stack of large or small panels with different stack heights as the flexible membrane can easily cope with variable sizing. Maximum bonding pressure is 15 PSI but most bonding is done around 6–12 PSI.

A big advantage of a modular press is that to make larger panels you can add extra modules. This is useful when demand from customers changes, design alterations are made or a larger product range is needed. Changes in industry legislation, such as recent truck panel size increases, mean a modular press can be easily adapted to suit these kinds of situations.

Curved Vacuum Press for Shaped Panels

A number of pressing options are available for bonding Sandwich Panels and making items such as Furniture, Marine panels and Automotive parts using our industrial machines. For contoured or shaped panels, or for one off or low production runs, an LT Clamshell Press is ideal. This provides self-sealing membranes with high stretch values for complex shapes, a robust build quality and a powerful vacuum pump. With the experience of building over 2500 Clamshell machines, they are an excellent choice for the smaller shop and as a curved vacuum press solution.

Further Benefits 

These machines offer much lower capital cost compared to a Hydraulic or Mechanical press as less power is required. Floor loadings are much lighter and lower maintenance is required. They can bond curved or shaped panels such as those decorative panels around a building column. Support tooling is required for curved or shaped panels but this can usually be made by any decent carpentry shop.

LT Machines provide excellent support on design of tooling for shaped panels, with over 30 years' experience on bonding contoured panels.Our machines have a very robust chassis with a very flat, laser-cut, bed surface. The Roll Out Flexible Membrane self-seals without the need for time consuming clamping.

High-quality, powerful, oil-lubricated vacuum pumps are energy efficient and require minimal maintenance to provide high-bonding vacuums when required. Vacuum strength can be easily reduced when necessary for bonding panels with low density foam cores. Cycle timers are fitted to allow the press to be left on automatic running at the end of a shift. This can mean an extra batch of panels per day.

Full training on the machine and the laminating process is given with our large machines. Being modular means easy shipping worldwide with installation by our very experienced engineers and excellent after-sales support is part of our package. Get in touch with us today to find out about vacuum membrane press machines and more.


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