HDF 9 (30')

The Hot Drape Former is designed to work with minimum maintenance.

The machine is fitted with two sets of light curtains.  The first is mounted on the chassis and detect movement along the front and rear of the machine.

The second set spans the perimeter of the machine and if tripped will prevent the vacuum beds from moving.

The lamp bank and diaphragm are raised and lowered by electric motor.

The operation can be automatic or manual control.

When in automatic the lamp bank and diaphragm will move into position at set times that have been pre-programmed into the cycle.

The vacuum beds are powered in and out of the machine to allow better access to the work area.

The vacuum bed is designed to work with the customer supplied rigid support tooling.

Thermocouple sockets are located at each end of the bed.

The vacuum beds are connected to the vacuum pump via a circuit that allows vacuum selection between the two beds.

Vacuum is set in the program which then automatically controls the vacuum level

A dedicated Vacuum Pump provides vacuum for the machine.

The machine is fitted with four fans to aid cooling, two at either end of the machine.

Each bed is designed to operate with up to nine heater mats.  The heater mat sockets are located at each end of the beds.  Temperature feedback is by Type T thermocouple.

The membrane forms an automatic seal with the vacuum bed when fully lowered.

Each Bed is capable of having up to 20 dedicated measurement channels.

Pyrometer feedback for temperature control.

  • Single or Twin bed machine
  • Thermally stable area: 9776 x 1220 mm (384 x 48 inches)
  • Max part height: 410mm (16 inches)
  • Bespoke solutions available
  • Fast Infra-red emitters, which very accurately control the heating process and provide uniform heating without creating hotspots
  • Multiple heating zones
  • Clean room compliant
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong construction, reliable performance and long life
  • Two-year warranty as standard
  • CE certificated


Bed Size 10204 x 1610 mm 402 x 63 inches
Thermally Stable Area 9150 x 1210 mm 360 x 47 1/2 inches
Bed Height 915 mm 36 inches
Machine Footprint 15230 x 12350 mm 600 x 486 inches
Max. Machine Height 3805 mm 150 inches
Machine Weight 11600 Kg 25574 lb
Max. Tool Weight On application On application
Max. Temperature 125 ºC 257 ºF
Max. Vacuum 0.948 bar 28 inHg
Pulled Out Bed No
Powered Out Bed Yes
Twin Bed Optional
Heat Control Programmable
Fan Cooling Programmable
Vacuum Control Programmable
Adjustable Height Bulbs Yes
Chart Recorder Yes
Data Recording Yes
Programs Stored 30 internally
Ethernet Yes
Thermocouples Type T - Class 1
Pyrometers Yes
Power Supply AC 3 Phase + Neutral + Earth
Voltage 380 / 440 / 480
Full Load Current 150 Amps
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