Our product range includes specialist machinery for Aircraft Interior Refurbishment and the laborious job of removing old laminate. Our Denude Panel Stripper is a sidewall laminate stripper that is perfect for use on aircraft interior panels. 

Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

Many workshops undertake manual hand stripping of old laminate which can take over 3 man-hours per panel, often leaving the panels requiring significant amounts of repair and sanding. Hot air guns and stripping scrapers can also damage the panel during the hand stripping process.

The solution to this is our denude panel stripper, which makes the refurbishment process much easier. The sidewall laminate stripper secures the panel with a soft flexible vacuum grip whilst heat is applied to soften the adhesive holding the laminate to the panel. Precise temperature control makes sure the panel structure is not degraded by using too much heat and the old laminate is attached to the draw bar that then progresses along the panel, stripping off the laminate automatically.

Around 10-15 minutes of panel preparation is needed so it's ready to strip. Typical stripping time is 40-50 minutes. The speed of stripping relates to how much adhesive is left on the panel. Slower speeds take off more adhesive, faster speeds remove less adhesive.

Panel age, laminate type and adhesive type affect how much residual adhesive cleaning is required. Removal of any remaining adhesive can be done by steam cleaning, solvent wiping or alternative cleaning solutions. If the laminate is weak in the window area and tears, then it's very easy to reattach the laminate to the opposite end of the panel and work back to the centre.

Sidewall Laminate  Aircraft Cabins & More

The Denude Panel Stripper works best in Semi-Automatic mode with the operator keeping an eye on the stripping operation whilst preparing the next panel for stripping or cleaning off panels already stripped. The machine can reliably strip laminate from Wide Body aircraft, Narrow Body aircraft, Regional Jets and Turboprops. It’s capable of stripping panels from popular aircraft including Boeing, Airbus and more. It can be an ideal tool for aircraft cabin refurbishment companies.

The Denude Panel Stripper complements the use of our HVA machines. It's shipped to the best port and installed by our engineers, including overseas. Full training is given on the sidewall laminate stripper and is designed for export and a long lasting service life with minimal maintenance.

If you need to perform aircraft interior refurbishment, such as stripping aircraft interior panels, get in touch with us today to discover how we can help. 


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