This HDF machine is based on the mechanical chassis of our proven HVA 3.

Our Hot Drape Former 3 offers automated control of machine movements and a range of useful features.

A HDF machine is a specialised piece of equipment that’s used to shape composite materials such as carbon fibre. Using gentle heat, it drapes together forming parts and is particularly useful for complex or curved components. That’s why it’s often used in the aviation and automotive industries.

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  • HDF machine with HVA 3 mechanics
  • Ideal for small parts
  • Single bed HDF machine
  • Thermally stable area: 2360 x 1450 mm (92 x 57 inches)
  • Max part height: 410mm (16 inches)
  • Fast Infra-red emitters, which very accurately control the heating process and provide uniform heating without creating hotspots
  • Multiple heating zones
  • Clean room compliant
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong construction, reliable performance and long life
  • Two-year warranty as standard
  • CE certificated


Bed Size 2760 x 1850 mm 109 x 73 inches
Thermally Stable Area 2360 x 1450 mm 93 x 57 inches
Bed Height 832 mm 32 3/4 inches
Machine Footprint 5596 x 3712 mm 220 1/4 x 146 inches
Max. Machine Height 3191 mm 125 5/8 inches
Machine Weight 3200 Kg 7054 lb
Max. Tool Weight 800 Kg 1764 lb
Max. Temperature 125 ºC 257 ºF
Max. Vacuum 0.948 bar 28 inHg
Pulled Out Bed Yes
Powered Out Bed No
Twin Bed No
Heat Control Programmable
Fan Cooling Programmable
Vacuum Control Programmable
Adjustable Height Bulbs Yes
Chart Recorder Yes
Data Recording Yes
Programs Stored 30 internally
Ethernet Yes
Thermocouples Type T - Class 1
Pyrometers Yes
Power Supply AC 3 Phase + Neutral + Earth
Voltage 380 / 440 / 480
Full Load Current 40 Amps
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